We are a coaching firm committed to building
the often overlooked & under-valued elements of CORE Intelligence™.

In service of our clients’ people, and strategic imperatives.

Workplaces with CORE Intelligence™ foster the emotional, social and
relationship systems intelligences of their leaders, teams, and organizations.
With the same focus they would their technical skills.



Leadership is a journey of awareness — of ourselves, those we work with, and the ripples and waves we create.

CORE one-on-one leadership coaching and peer-learning programs are designed to foster this awareness — by revealing your blind spots, leveraging your strengths and values, and challenging your thinking. We encourage you to be at your best as you build the mindset and behaviours needed both in your current role, and the one you aspire to.



Teams have become the basic unit of work in most organizations. So CORE partners with your team as a unit — a “whole” that is more than the sum of your parts.

Through this “systems” lens, we unleash the energy and wisdom that help teams thrive. You become more resilient and creative in the midst of change. Your teams learn to leverage conflict and build trust, commitment, and accountability. CORE team programs include experiential learning workshops, team coaching, partnership coaching, and targeted one-on-one coaching that ignite significant and sustainable results.

Our latest team success story.



Impacting a team or whole organization requires more than a thoughtful business strategy. You need broad positive influence over multiple relationship systems.

Leaders of organizations require the capacity to positively influence at many levels and work productively with both internal and external human systems. The capacity to read signals and determine what is needed to help your teams move forward together. This “Relationship Systems Intelligence” (RSI) ensures change is accepted and integrated. It is leadership in a constant state of co-creation, that awakens creativity in your people much more effectively than traditional “command and control”. But few of us know how to practice it. So CORE has designed an integrated program of team coaching, RSI training, topic-specific learning and one-on-one coaching, all tailored to the specific needs of boards and executive teams and leaders.

“The Systems-Oriented Leader program has helped me shift my attention and leadership to the needs of the ‘system’. As a result I have been more effective in hearing and aligning the collective voice of my team towards tangible business outcomes.”

— Anthony E., Global Sales Executive