CORE Training takes a skilful ‘teach and apply’ approach. Which means the learning sticks and gets results.

Our training programs build the CORE Intelligence™ elements that leaders and teams need to thrive and be at their best at work, together.


 Every CORE Training experience promises…

1.  Concepts brought alive through a blend of teaching and experiential practice

2.  Leading-edge curriculum, tools and exercises

3.  Front and back-end consultation with organizational sponsor

4.  Learn with peers creating an on-going community of support

5.  Personalized workbook to capture learning, insights and action plan

6.  Expert facilitation by ICF-certified CORE coaches

7. Options to combine training with one-on-one and team coaching


Choose from our menu of training programs.



Learn about emotional intelligence, why it matters and how to put it into action as a leader. Manage your emotional response and find your motivation.

Topics include:

– Increased self-awareness as a leader and team member

– Common emotional intelligence (EI) struggles that can derail a leader

– Skills and strategies to improve resilience and be at one’s best

– Research that links EI with leadership success

CORE Clients Say… We started with varying degrees of “buy-in” ranging from some who were very excited to learn to others who were concerned about whether the course would be a good use of their time.  Through the flawless delivery, you quickly won over the management team and had a very engaged group. Thank you for a productive day! – Natasha B., Government Leader



Develop the Social Intelligence every team leader needs to succeed. Learn to promote the trust that lies at the foundation of all healthy workplace interactions and relationships.

Topics include:

– Social Intelligence (SI) competencies including situational awareness, presence, authenticity, clarity and empathy

– Research that links SI with leadership success

– Strategies to overcome common SI struggles and old habits that can derail a leader or team



Develop the critical management skills and strategies to share productive feedback and coach employees. Learn to enhance your team’s performance and career path development.

Topics include:

– Leadership and coaching styles

– A model for developmental conversations

– The power of questions; levels of listening

– Obstacles to being coach-like

– Bring personal strengths to effective coaching conversations



Today`s leaders require the ability and skill to influence at many levels, and work productively with both internal and external teams. This ‘Relationship Systems Intelligence’ (RSI) is a critical element of CORE Intelligence™ that ensures change is accepted, integrated and sustained.

peggy leading workshop_CORE Training

Led by CORE’s Peggy Brown PCC ORSCC, drawing on her deep competency as a coach, and leadership and organizational expertise.

Topics include:

– Promote team identity, positivity and productivity

– Leverage the existing wisdom and potential in your team

– Increase trust, rapport and alignment among team members

– Recognize and overcome team toxins

– Leverage conflict for deeper understanding and alignment

– Become attuned to the voice and needs of the team system

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RSI@Work is offered in partnership with CRR Global, the world’s leading RSI training institute.


CORE Clients Say… Your RSI@Work program has helped me shift attention & leadership to the needs of the ‘system’. As a result, I’ve been more effective in hearing and aligning the collective voice of my team toward tangible business outcomes. – Anthony E., Global Sales Executive



Accelerate the journey of the emerging leader. Enhance skills and develop a road map in a peer learning environment.

Topics include:

– Why leadership matters

– The discipline and mindset of leadership

– Self-awareness, self-management and emotional resilience

– Building trusting relationships and seeing the organization’s relationship systems

– Setting goals and designing a personal development road map