Our Clients.

Business teams. Developing leaders. Start-ups. Social mission organizations. Professional services firms.  

While CORE’s clients represent a variety of sectors, they all share an unwavering commitment to learning.

The results? Our clients tell us they are more productive and innovative, less silo’d and more connected.  They lead with clarity and authenticity and enhanced focus on we-centered teams.

But don’t take our word for it…

Here’s what some of CORE’s clients have to say:

Conflict Resolution & Relationship Development

“We are always pleased to engage the team at CORE. They are highly skilled coaches and facilitators who bring depth to group and individual conversations that make such a difference to our leaders and service providers. We have partnered with CORE to help resolve conflicts, develop team relationships and train leaders who coach. We will definitely continue to work with CORE.”

  • Karen Brill, Senior Director, Leader Development, Responsive Management Inc. (Sector: Senior Care)
    CORE services:  Individual Leadership coaching, Alignment coaching, Training


Management Buy-In

“Through CORE’s flawless delivery, you quickly won over the management team and had a very engaged group. The content was very relevant to the realities of a senior manager in the public sector.”

  • B., Regional Director, Corporate Services (Sector: Public Service-Federal)
    CORE services:  Leadership Training


“Like ‘Personal Trainers’ for Managers”

“Working with the CORE team has had a huge impact on our organization and me personally. I always tell them that they are like ‘personal trainers’ for managers. They’ve helped guide us through a period of rapid growth–both me as someone new to management and the larger Rangle team.”

  • Mike Costanzo, Head of UX & Product Design, Rangle (Sector: Technology)
    CORE services:  Individual Leadership Coaching, Leadership Team Coaching, Training


Learning that Inspires…and Sticks.

“I have been fortunate enough to attend two workshops led by CORE. Their ability to connect with you truly helps drive the learning environment. Both the Coach Training and Emotional Resilience workshops are filled with hands-on activities that help solidify the topics being taught. I came out of both workshops feeling inspired and ready to use the learning in not only the workplace but in everyday activities.”

  • Fatima R., Product Designer (Sector: Technology)
    CORE services:  Training


Knowledge-Building for Leaders

“Over six months my CORE coach engaged with me to discuss my coaching goals in depth and assisted me with building knowledge and increased ability to understand how I think about strategies around peers, leadership and staff. My coach helped with my professional development and pushed me to understand myself and succeed in a way I didn’t realize was possible.  I’m deeply appreciative.”

  • David Van Rees, Group Director, Software Delivery (Sector: Technology)
    CORE services: Individual Leadership Coaching


Clarity & Focus

“Definitely worth it. Discussion and time for reflection brought clarity and focus to the problems I am wrestling with. They no longer seem so daunting or intractable. Interaction with fellow participants yielded true value and real insight.”

  • Tom Kaszas, P.Eng., Leader (Sector: Public Service-Provincial)
    CORE services:  Individual Leadership Coaching and Advanced Leadership Training


“A Thinking Partner”

Running my own business, what I needed was a thinking partner. Working with my CORE coach I’m learning to balance my need to get things done, with going with the flow when the time is right. I’ve grown my capacity for edge walking and being with uncertainty. My CORE coach balanced just the right amount of gentle support with knowing when to challenge and push me. Working with her is like sitting on a river bank on a summer’s day with your favourite thinking buddy who sees you at your best, and calls you on your bullshit at the same time! She’s deeply intuitive and kind. She balances just the right amount of holding your hand as you ponder the jump, and pushes you off the bank into the river when you are ready to swim.”

  • Catherine Stagg-Macey, Business Owner, Belgrave Street (Sector: Professional Services)
    CORE services:  Individual Leadership Coaching

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